At Leeds Architects, we offer a full array of architectural services.  From initial stages such as client meetings and feasibility studies, to construction administration, we can take a project from concept to completion.

Project Phases

1. Schematic Design

Includes client meetings, as-built conditions documentation, code analysis, program creation, historic research

2. Design Development

Includes sketches, preliminary design drawings, renderings, 3d models

3. Construction Documentation

Includes complete documentation of the project, including plans, elevations, sections, details, structural design, materials and color selections, specifications, cut sheets

4. Project Estimating

       Includes complete project estimation; from materials to labor; assembly of cost estimations from multiple contractors in each discipline

5. Construction Administration

       Includes complete oversee of construction, administration of contracts to selected contractors, overseeing and management of costs and cost-saving methods

Note: Project phases may vary based upon specific project requirements

Areas in which we specialize


Cape Cod style

Greek Revival style

New England Colonial style

Victorian style

Modern style

Beach houses and vacation homes

Coastal & flood plain / pier & piling


Aging-in-place design


Nursing and Elder Care facilities

Government facilities

Medical facilities

Quick Service Restaurants




-New construction

Brand-new, ground up

Demolition / razing & rebuilding

-Historic Preservation & Restoration

Preservation of historic properties in place

Preservation & relocation of historic properties

Restoration of historic properties

Change of use properties

-Additions & Alterations

Family rooms

Master bedrooms & bathrooms



Sunrooms & three-season rooms


Whole house / building remodels


Master suites


Family rooms



Change of use properties

-Green building & L.E.E.D. Certification

Solar energy & systems

Wind energy & systems

Geothermal heating & cooling

Low- & no-impact development

Sustainable resourcing

Energy efficiency & conservation

Services we offer


We provide consulting services to potential clients at an hourly rate or in a package deal.  We will accompany our clients to potential project sites to offer opinions and  project possibilities; visit existing buildings to offer opinions on conditions of systems, structure, value, etc.  We can guide clients towards selection of a building or contractor; help in the decision to start a project, or to decide which project or options are best for their needs

-Feasibility studies

We offer our services in helping to decide what project is best for our clients.  We can help to determine what location is best for our clients’ needs.  We can objectively and rationally determine the strengths and weaknesses of a project before it begins, and determine whether or not it should begin.  Estimating need, cost, merit, market, etc., to consider whether a project should move forward should be one of the very first steps in any project.

-As-built conditions surveys & documentation

We will survey any building, completing a thorough documentation of all aspects of the building.  We will visit the building, measure the building, document the complete structural and framing systems, including mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems.  We will photograph the complete interior and exterior of the building.  Once back at our office, we will create as-built condition drawings to scale, including floor plans, exterior elevations, building sections, details, structural framing plans, etc.

These services may be offered on their own to a client, who may need the drawings to provide to a contractor, a building department, an historic committee, an interior designer, etc.

This step is a necessity in any addition or remodel project we are engaged to do, and is always included in the first phases of the project.

We offer a version of these services completely free of charge to realtors and real estate professionals that are listing buildings for sale.  We will visit and survey the building and provide accurate, to scale floor plans or elevation views, in hard print copy or in electronic versions.  The drawings will come complete with room names, sizes, and a border featuring the real estate professionals contact information, as well as our own.

-Zoning Analysis

We will research & study all applicable local & state zoning laws & regulation to deternine what            steps will be necessary to comply fully with zoning.

-Code analysis

We study all state, local & national codes to ensure your project meets fully with applicable laws.

-Architectural design

Our ultimate goal in our architecture is to seamlessly combine form, function, style, structure, materials and methods, while at the same time conforming and including all that our client desires.  In our 30+ years of experience, we’ve developed our own taste and unique style, while still managing to stretch ourselves to work in new genres and inclinations that our clients expect.  From traditional Cape Cod style cottages to rambling beach houses; from medical offices to religious institutions; and from moulding profiles to reinforced concrete; we offer a full service architectural practice.

-Construction documents

Our construction documents are precise, accurate, technically complete and extremely detailed.  We separate out construction sets into two parts: architectural and structural.  We ensure that all of our construction documents not only relate architectural design, but the materials, methods and structural information needed to build them.  We pride ourselves on creating neat, clean, attractive drawings that ease the builder’s, contractor’s and building department’s job.  We make certain that every detail, no matter how small, is poured over and completed, and finally included in the set of drawings.


We know how important it is to be able to visualize a design.  For that reason we offer our clients 2d colored renderings of floor plans, site plans and building elevations.

We also have the ability to offer 3d colored perspective modeled renderings for the ultimate visualization experience.


Sometimes a drawing on a paper cannot express the full intent of a design.  To that extent, we can offer our clients true 3d physical models of their projects. Whether it’s to show simple massing samples, light patterns, or to see what the final product will look like, we can provide solid models to fit the bill.