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Announcing Solar Electric Energy with a New Engineering Concept!

Solar photovoltaic systems currently offered have two major problems:

-By the very nature of their operation, they increase in temperature, absorbing the sun’s thermal heat.

This heat causes a meaningful reduction in efficiency to a solar module that at best is only 15-18 percent efficient.

-When covered with snow they cease to function completely. Manually removing snow is labor intensive and dangerous.

Leeds offers a photovoltaic thermal panel that:

- In mode A (hot months), the panel is cooled, increasing efficiency and providing solar thermal heat to supply hot domestic water.

- In mode B (cold months), in a reverse function of mode A, warm liquid is supplied to the solar panel removing snow.

We offer installation of this technology, ideal for New England winters.

Contact us for information concerning cost and details.

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Solar installed by an architectural and engineering firm!


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